MontrealSTAN started off as an idea, an idea that we (Gabriel Lemay & Vincent Violette) had that if someday by some miracle, we would have the chance to see Eminem perform live, we could re-watch and relive his performance whenever we wanted.


July 29th 2011, the best day of our lives. After 36 hours of waiting first in line, there he was, 10 feet in front of us. The whole concert was amazing! We had mixed feeling when Lose Yourself began, because we knew that after this one, it would be all over. The show ends, we couldn't believe what just happened; we had finally seen Marshall Mathers performing live in our hometown of Montreal.

For a complete month all we had to relive this memorable night was some iPhone footages shot by Gab and some shaky YouTube videos. Then we thought; what if we could download every HD footages of the show that's on YouTube and edit it all together to make one big montage of the whole concert?


Over 125 hours of hard work later, we finally had it: ''Eminem: Live in Montréal''. We released it on YouTube on March 2nd 2012 so Stans all over the world could also enjoy this epic performance and also because it was his first performance available since his show at The Madison Square Garden in 2005. It instantly was a huge success! 1,5 Million views later, thousands of people still watch it every day.


Then, we heard another Shady Records artist was coming to town. Yelawolf was going to perform at Le Club Soda on May 25th 2012. We wanted to cover the event and do the same thing with his show. This time we we're prepared, we asked a friend to film most of the show front row so we could have good exclusive footage to share with the WolfPack! With the help of some exclusive footages from Montreality, we were able to edit the entire show the same way we did Eminem's.


Couple of months later, we started getting interested in some rare Eminem bootlegs. We were surprised by the number of material that's not available on the internet. We knew that there was a lot of other Stans like us that wants to see those footages. So here we are, 2 years later, MontrealSTAN.com. Our goal is to become the biggest reference to everything Shady Records related and to give Stans all over the world access to every Eminem performance available.

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